Passport Application

Preparing a passport application in the United Kingdom follows a procedure similar to that of other countries. The applicant is required to fill out necessary forms and then submit these signed statements to the UK government along with supporting documentation. The particular form involved is the C-1 Passport Application form, which can be obtained either online or in hardcopy form from the Identity and Passport Service (IPS).

Passport Application

Passport Application

An applicant is eligible to submit his paperwork for a passport if he has reached 16 years or older and he is a British citizen either at home in the U.K. or in a British overseas territory. Additionally British subjects, nationals outside of the country, and protected persons can apply as well. As of 2011, you should also be prepared to pay a fee of 77.50 British Pounds when sending in your passport application.

You can obtain the Passport Application C-1 form through different methods. The first is on the IPS website via a questionnaire. You can also obtain a copy at your local post office. Alternatively, you can send in an email through the IPS website and a passport application will be sent to you. Finally, you can telephone the Passport Adviceline at 0300 222 0000 and request a passport application copy be mailed to you, being delivered within approximately five working days.

Once the passport application is completed, you will need to sign it and get it signed by a witness who is over 18 years of age. The witness must also already be a British or Irish passport holder. You will also need to attach supporting documents proving your British citizenship eligibility this may be helped by the same information you’ve used for a job application letter, a CRB application, a credit card application, or a loan application. Don’t rely on just a birth certificate alone; IPS may want further documentation to confirm identity.

Allow for six weeks to process your passport application. A new request requires validation and you will need to attend an interview with IPS as well, so the process takes a bit of time to finish.

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